Stateless State of Mind

from by The Futurenows



I can tell you where I’ve been, Lord.
And I can tell you what I’ve seen.
But when I try to say it straight, Lord,
It’s not exactly what I mean.

The devil’s digging out my tongue, now,
And the spade is in my teeth.
And in the grind of dark it’s rain, now,
Slicking up the sunk-down streets.

I could’ve hammered on the bass drum
In the military band.
Swung my rhythm on the fulcrum
Double-time with my trigger hand.

Instead I gambled for my ransom
And fled the Pioneer land;
Left the valley where I came from
Saying, “Let the Delta boys be damned.”

Across the water it still feels like
My dollar’s doubled up its worth,
A Fallowfield’s just down the turnpike…
I’m just uncultivated earth.

I’ve got no oil for my whetstone
I’ve got no tonic for my gin.
I need some magic in my wishbone.
I’m losing count of all my sins.

Out in the sandlot mixing mortar,
I’m raising Cain and dropping dimes.
Expect no message at the border:
I’m in a stateless state of mind.

And when the sky is kissed with crimson
And a see-you-next-time sigh,
I’ll keep waiting for your headlights.
I’ll keep waiting up all night.

So when I tell you where I’ve been, Lord,
And state my worries and my crimes,
I’ll sing a requiem for closed doors.
I’m in a stateless state of mind.


from Stateless State of Mind, released July 5, 2011



all rights reserved


The Futurenows Amherst Center, Massachusetts

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